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Michigan Elopement

When Kelli Hetler of Kellie Hetler Photography shared these images and elopement story with us we just fell in love! There are so many types of weddings. From big gatherings with over 200+ people or a small intimate kind, which are called Elopements. These type of weddings are becoming more popular and they are oh so special. Chad and Lila had their elopement ceremony in the prairie grass of Rockford Michigan. It was an autumn night. Where the temperature was chilly, but the electricity in the air was nothing but!Everyone stood in the knee-high grass for the ceremony. That includes the couple, the officiant, the photographer and and Lilas best friend. Nothing fancy, just two people in love becoming husband and wife. In the end that’s always the goal isn’t it?Kelli also states that with tears streaming down everyone’s eyes. Even her own, it was definitely a day to remember. Congratulations to this beautiful couple! This was the first of many memorable fun days ahead.

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